16 November 2010

Vianergy Canopies



The energy-saving Vianergy Canopies are suitable for all types of cooking equipment over wall (A), single island (E) or double island (D) arrangements. The canopy compensates for the air extracted by introducing correct quantities of supply air with an induction feature on the front. On the two sides of the canopy air is discharged into the canopy via Jet Stream slots for a capture air effect. This system creates a complete envelope around the cooking apparatus reducing spillage of exhaust.

The Vianergy is energy saving and uses untreated supply air to be blown into the canopy to provide an induction effect with a maximum of 50%, untreated air is also discharged into the personal adjustable ABS spot coolers which are fitted to the horizontal front section of the perimeter for personal comfort.

Jet Stream supply air is taken from the kitchen area via two fans with a filter inside of the canopy and is discharged via Jet Stream slots inside the two sides of the canopy to provide a capture air effect with a maximum of 5% of the extracted air. The Vianergy reduces the draught in the kitchen.


The Vianergy canopy is fabricated entirely from 18 swg (1.0 – 1.20 mm thick) 304 stainless steel. All visible surfaces are ultra fine grain polished to 320 grit and polythene protected. The canopy is cut, punched and folded into sub-sections of up to 6000 mm in length and factory assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds and non visible mechanical fixings. Joints are provided with internal cover-plates so that no mechanical fixings and joints are visible. All metal edges are rolled smooth and are free of sharp edges and projections.

The bottom edge of the back of the canopy is formed into a condensation channel with inclined internal elevation to simplify cleaning and the inner edges are crush folded for safety purposes. The canopy is equipped with Vianen Fecon grease extraction filters. The grease runs off the filters into an integrated grease collecting gutter and into the easily removable grease tray(s).


  • Fecon Filter
  • V-ITL Light Fitting
  • Grease Tray
  • Hanging Bracket


The Vianergy canopies can be equipped with several options for an even better efficiency and working environment:

  • Water Wash System (WW)
  • Vianen Ultra Violet Clear Air (UV)
  • Front Make Up Air (MUAP)