16 November 2010

Plenum Ventilated Ceilings

Plenum Ventilated Ceilings


The Plenum Ventilated Ceiling is a great solution for any kitchen that uses medium to heavy duty cooking equipment on a regular basis and is a flexible solution to kitchen ventilation. Unlike the Spantile Ventilated Ceiling, the Plenum Ventilated Ceiling requires little height in comparison and has integrated V-ITL light fittings.


  • Flexible layout for your existing equipment
  • Delivers a high level of hygiene
  • Highly efficient grease extraction rate (95%)
  • Suitable for heavy duty cooking equipment


The ceiling can be installed to cover the entire area of a kitchen which will then allow flexibility with the layout of your catering equipment. The Plenum Ventilated Ceiling is fitted with Fecon® Filters to assist with grease extraction. In Australia, the plenum ceiling can be fabricated in lengths up to 4m (seamlessly), or longer depending on the user’s requirements. Made from AISI stainless steel 304 and polished with an ultra-fine grain, the plenum ceiling is also fitted with removable stainless steel panels. The ceiling panels contain perforations to allow for vertical supply air.



  • Water Wash System
  • UV-C Filtration System
  • Vetec
  • Vianen Kitchen Management System (KMS)