10 November 2010

Spantile Ventilated Ceilings

Spantile Ventilated Ceilings


The Spantile Ventilated Ceiling operates by utilising a double active cassette system. This double active cassette system allows the vapours in the air to be discharged. The filter cassettes are made from stainless steel, have a high grease extraction efficiency and with the small width of 500mm, allows for the cleaning in commercial dishwashers. The air supply cassettes (with plenum box) allow for an even air flow distribution which creates a balanced ventilation system as a whole.

The grease is extracted through a process (the centrifugal principle) where the run off enters a channel and then drains into a collection gutter. The channel itself makes up a portion of the robust suspension system.

The lighting required for the Spantile Ventilated Ceiling is integrated into the ceiling system and is dependent on the height of the ceiling. The V-ITL or LED lighting can be used.



  • Wall-to-wall solution that can span your entire kitchen ceiling
  • Flexibility for current equipment layout
  • Automatic wash-down system
  • 95% grease extraction rate
  • Removable grease trays for easy cleaning and lower maintenance costs


The Spantile Ventilated Ceiling contains three different AISI 304 stainless steel cassettes, all 1mm thick. Cassettes are secured to anodised aluminium channels which act as suspension points and grease collection channels.

The cassettes are active, arched and double-skinned to help with vapours and grease extraction.

In areas where air movement in the ceiling is not required, single-skinned arched, passive cassettes can be used.

For the automatic water wash system, the stainless steel channels are secured to the walls and then linked to a control cabinet (also made from stainless steel).



  • The UV-C system can be equipped (decreases grease particles emitted into the ductwork)