25 November 2011

Water Wash System

Water Wash System


The Vianen Water Wash System can be integrated with any Vianen-branded canopy and capable of being used with all types of cooking equipment, particularly in high-grease producing environments.

The unique feature of the Vianen Water Wash System is that instead of traditional filters, the Water Wash System uses an intricate “maze” to separate the grease particles contained within the canopy.

It does this by forcing the air (at high speed) through a complicated route with many sharp turns and pulls out the grease from the airstream by means of centrifugal force.

Unlike other Vianen products, the Water Wash System does not use the Vianen Fecon® Filters, instead, air is passed over a series of stainless steel baffles, positioned precisely to increase the air velocity and in turn redirect the air route. This is done to ensure that the grease has been separated from the exhaust air and allows the grease to collect on the surface of the baffles.

Maintenance Outline

The canopy of the Vianen Water Wash System is home to a collection of spray nozzles that can be automatically activated at business close to wash down the baffle surfaces. There is a control panel to manage the water wash cycle, its frequency and duration. The best part is that this system can be fully automated, requiring no assistance from staff to manage.

Each time that the ventilator is shut down, the wash cycle is activated. Hot water (recommended at approx. 65°C) and detergent are squirted into the canopy area for a defined amount of time from the control unit, which manages dosage regulation.

Through the use of this automated cleaning cycle, a high level of hygiene is easy to achieve with the Vianen Water Wash System. On top of this, there is the added bonus of no grease build-ups which can be a fire hazard if not attended to regularly.


  • Constant air pressure throughout whole canopy
  • System requires minimal interaction from staff to maintain its efficiency
  • Can be automatically activated in the event of a fire
  • The Water Wash System removes daily contaminants and greases from the trough, minimising the daily maintenance required.


The Vianen Water Wash System is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, with the baffles being completely welded to the unit in 1.0 to 1.2mm thick stainless steel. The grease channels run the entire length of the canopy, with full-length hinged access panels. These access panels are mounted, and contain gas-filled dampers. They are fastened with captive quick-release fastenings to allow for easy access to the interior of the plenum, the pipework and the water spray nozzles.

The control panel for the Water Wash System is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, and measures 800mm x 800mm x 250mm. The control panel also contains a lock for security purposes.

The detergent dispensary unit is also contained within the control panel, which contains a digital display to monitor the Water Wash System. The hot water feed however, is a service that a third-party will need to connect for your business.


Supply Air

The Water Wash System coupled with the GreaseShield ROCOM system make a very environmentally friendly solution for businesses that are located in stringent eco-compliant jurisdictions.

The Water Wash System is designed to be able to supply make-up air. The reason for this is to compensate for loss of air extracted from the kitchen. This can be achieved through the use of the Vianen Jet Stream configuration, where air passes over a diffusion plate, and is then delivered through a collection of slots, located under the internal front lip of the canopy. This air represents a maximum of 15% of the total extract airflow.

Furthermore, another 75% of supply air is expelled through the vertical perforations at the front of the canopy, allowing an equal distribution of supply air throughout the full length of the canopy.



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